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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Women Are Powerful.

There are too many times we feel as if nothing is worth writing, if it doesn't have an accomplishment behind it. I embarked upon revealing every stage of a start up with Alpha Girl, and I have found myself becoming reserved because it's not seen or known by more than just a few. It is easy to forget that these are the very times we need to reveal the workings of a cause. We all are familiar with the aftermath of a successful endeavor, yet we miss the climb to it.
At this point the mission statement has been created, and the business plan is in its final stages. Angel investors are our next step, and creating a beautifully strong platform for empowering women is on its way. These days are heavy with war, internal mess that we disregard as a second thought when our own soil is tainted. I feel as if a parallel is happening, with the way we are treating our world, and women. We find it forever strong, so strong we forget to appreciate it for just that. We take, and take, and forget to give back, and when she wears thin, she revolts, and then is called a bitch. Women-Earth-Bitches? We need to turn that mental prognosis around, and start healing with the power that women are, and the earth is. We could not exist without the two. We are all becoming aware of what it feels like to be abused, seeing it as a default everyday, and as easy as a breeze, forgotten with the next meaningless headline.
It's time to take our power back, to reverse what has been regressed into the dark ages. We are powerful beings, and the capability to heal is immense. Let's take some time, and really see what has been presented. We are nearing a bottom of emotion in the totality of the meaning; and we owe it to ourselves to show one another that love truly is the only gift we have been bestowed that results in true change. It remains, women are the key to healing, love, and an all around kick ass approach to creating branches accessible by all, regardless of their race, or religion. We are so fragile, and once we accept that we are breakable, we can really understand what piecing us back together really means. We are love, and what better time than now to prove that.


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